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Moving Cars Interstate

19 Oct

Emu Car Carriers is the best choice in case you are considering moving cars interstate in Australia. Relocating your vehicle is easy when you know how and with whom. In this guide, we will provide elaborate information about car carrying in Australia. Also, we will tell you how we stand out in vehicle transportation.

A smooth experience in moving car interstate

Get a very smooth experience in moving cars interstate with our company. We do everything possible to make you stress-free. When you move your car with us, we take care of it and give it proper attention. Our trained staff ensures your vehicle relocation goes smoothly and hassle free.

Why select Emu Car Shippers for Your Interstate Car Transport?

  • We are a reliable and reputable company in Australia.
  • We have hired a highly qualified and trained staff for you.
  • Providing quality services at economical prices is our company‚Äôs policy.
  • At our company, we provide our customers with various car carrying services.
  • We have modern and sophisticated equipment to load and unload your vehicles.
  • We bring convenience to your doorstep.
  • Our company is registered and legally licensed.
  • How to hire Emu for a vehicle relocation

    We are available 24/7 to provide its services. Get us hired and experience an excellent and reliable car relocation. Booking your car transit with us is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps.

    A. Request a quote from interstate car moving companies

    The first step towards the transit journey of your car is getting a quote. Go to our website or call us at 1300524520 to get a free of cost quote for your precious vehicle. Our professional and trained customer support team will respond to you promptly. It will also inform you about the cost of moving an automobile interstate.

    B. Let us know about some details

    After you call us, our customer care service will ask about a few details. Those details include the make and model of your car, dimensions if it is modified, and especially about the transit locations. Transit locations include both the pickup and delivery points.

    C. Booking for the car transit interstate

    The last step includes booking your vehicle. If you agree with the pricing and time schedule mentioned on the quote, let us know for booking. You are welcome in case you want to negotiate the time, date, or anything else with us.

    D. Prepare your vehicle for interstate car transport

    The next step is preparing your worthy vehicle for interstate vehicle carrying. Clean your vehicle thoroughly and secure all the loose items in it. Also, check for the fuel tank and tire pressure. Turn off all the alarms, including the security alarm. Lock your vehicle and provide a spare key to our driver.

    E. Pick Up and Delivery

    On the day of your shipment, our driver will arrive at your pickup location to load up your car. He will carefully load your car onto our transport truck and secure it. Once your car arrives at its destination, our driver will deliver it to you at the assigned time and destination.

    F. Please leave a review

    We try our best to convey your vehicles in the best possible condition. We take care of those and give them proper care and attention. If you get satisfied with our car hauling services, leave a nice review on our website. It will help other customers find a reliable car transportation service for their vehicles.


    Emu Car Carriers is the Best Option if you are moving car interstate. We offer a smooth, hassle free experience with reliable and affordable services. Our professional loading and unloading staff will take care of your car from pickup to delivery, ensuring you that it will arrive safely and on time.

    Emu Car Carriers your partner for moving car interstate

    The best choice for carrying your vehicle across Australia is Emu Vehicle Carriers. We move your valuable cars with confidence throughout the Australian continent. Get our excellent services for moving cars interstate.