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05 Feb

Interstate car transport costs are frequently asked in Australia. Customers need to know the transit fares from city to city and state to state. In this blog, you will not only get price estimates, but we will also inform you about the factors that affect vehicle shipping costs to Australia. You can also contact Emu Car Carriers, Australia’s most efficient transit company for more queries and information. Because we are always ready to help poor customers regarding auto transit in Australia.

What changes the car transport costs in Australia?

The car transport costs change depending upon multiple factors. Those factors are discussed below. But for your convenience, let us provide you with an estimation. Your transit fee may fall under these pricing structures.

The estimated vehicle transit prices around the country

  • Short distances ( vehicle transit charges within the same city or state): $120-$500
  • Medium distances (between two or more states): $500-$1,500
  • Long distances (across Australia): $1,500-$3,000 or more
  • Remember these are just estimated transit charges. The prices may deviate depending upon different factors. The gas and fuel charges, for example, keep changing from time to time which may cause deviation in transit charges as well.

    Factors influencing the auto transit quotes

    Many factors influence transportation prices, including the distance between transit points, the type of automobile being transported, and the mode of transportation chosen. Let us discuss all these factors one by one in detail.

  • Distance between pickup and dropoff locations
  • The main factor influencing changes in transportation is the distance between pickup and arrival locations. The greater the distance, the higher the price, and vice versa. This is why travelling from Melbourne to Perth costs more than travelling from Melbourne to Sydney. A longer route means higher fuel consumption, higher tolls, and other taxes.

  • The transportation method chosen
  • The type of transport you choose also increases or decreases the prices significantly. Transport with enclosed trucks is generally more expensive than transport with an open car trailer. Enclosed car shipping requires more care and attention. Additionally, multiple vehicles cannot fit in a locked trunk at the same time, ultimately increasing the cost per vehicle.

  • The type of vehicle you want to relocate
  • Another factor that affects the cost of moving a car is the type of vehicle you want to transport. It doesn't matter whether you want to transport a small or large vehicle. Transporting large vehicles such as public transit, SUVs, vans and ships costs more than transporting small vehicles such as standard cars, minivans, bicycles, and golf carts.

  • Choosing between open or enclosed car shipping
  • Most of the time people need advice on how to choose the right automobile-carrying method. The choice between transport in an open car or transport in a closed car puts you in a dilemma. Let us simplify it for you. Choose an open car for transportation if you need to transport a standard or everyday vehicle. And if you need to transport an expensive luxury or vintage car that requires the utmost care, choose enclosed transport.

  • Fast car shipping
  • With fast express shipping, vehicles are typically transported in a very short time. Sometimes customers need to transport their vehicle urgently. This is where fast car shipping comes into play. With these services, transport companies deliver your vehicles carefully and in the shortest possible time. Fast transit is safe, swift, and secure but surely it deviates the transit prices slightly.

  • Special requirements deviate the charges
  • Sometimes customers have special requirements that increase shipping costs. For example, customers arrive with modified cars that require special care and space. In these cases, auto transport companies increase their rates. Another example is expedited truck transportation, which is discussed below.

    Tips and tricks to make interstate car transport cost economical

    Making your interstate car transport smooth and pocket-friendly is easy when you have us with you. All you need to do is follow these tricks and you will end up experiencing a phenomenal interstate transit.

  • Research for the transit companies before choosing one.
  • Obtain quotes from multiple vehicle transit companies.
  • Compare those quotes and choose a reliable company like Emu Car Carriers.
  • Booking your shipment in advance will make your transit economical.
  • Also, be flexible with the transit schedule, and do not stick to your pre-decided dates.
  • Efficient companies like ours provide handsome discounts to the customers. Ask for discounts.
  • Choosing an open car carrier proves more pocket-friendly and easygoing.
  • Contact us to experience cost effective car transport cost

    Keeping all these guidelines in mind will make you experience a smooth and economical transit around the Australian continent. From requesting a free vehicle moving quote to delivering the vehicle safely, you can always rely on us. We are Australia’s leading transit service provider. Contact us and get your wheels moving with us. Get a free interstate transit quote and experience the most economical car transport cost.