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Interstate Boar Transport Costs

31 Oct

Interstate Boat Transport Costs can vary depending upon multiple factors, including the size and make of your boat, the distance it needs to travel and the type of transportation you select. Boat shipping can be a great way to get your boat to your desired destination, but it's essential to estimate the costs involved before you book.

Emu Car Carriers provides you with affordable interstate boat transport costs

Emu Car Carriers is your trusted partner, providing the best interstate boat transport costs. We also master the art of boat carrying when shipping your boats interstate. We provide the most affordable rates in Australia because we care about your time and money. Get your wheels moving with us confidently!

Factors affecting the Interstate watercraft transport costs

Various factors can affect the costs of transportation. Some of those factors are given below.

  • Dimensions and weight of your boat
  • The larger and heavier your boat is, the more costly it will be to carry. This is because larger boats need specialised equipment to get loaded. Also, there is generally a need for professional and well trained staff to load and unload the boats with larger dimensions.

  • Distance between the locations
  • Distance also matters in carrying a boat interstate. The distance between the pickup location and the delivery location deviates from the boat shipping costs in Australia. This is because the transport company will need to cover the fuel, tolls, and other charges associated with the trip from one state to the other.

  • The boat carrying method you choose
  • There are several methods of carrying your vehicle across Australia, including open air carrying, enclosed shipment, single vehicle transport, and multiple vehicle moving. Open air carrying is generally more economical than enclosed transport. Also, a single boat carrying may cost you more than multiple vehicle shipping.

  • Some special requirements may also deviate the shipping costs
  • Any special requirements, such as transporting customised boats or door to door service, can also increase the cost of boat transport. Emu Car Carriers is a company that takes care of your demands and unique requirements. Also, we have customised solutions for all your problems regarding car transportation.

    Tips for saving money on interstate boat shipment

    Here are some of the tricks to remember when booking your boat for transportation. These tips will help you save money and make your transit smooth and hassle free.

    1. Book your shipment in advance

    Booking your boat transport in advance can save you money, especially when travelling during the peak summer months. Because in peak transit days, it's difficult for the transportation company to manage a massive number of shipments. So it is always better to book your shipment in advance and transport your boat on casual days.

    2. Be flexible with the date and time

    Being flexible with the pickup and delivery dates of your automobiles is essential. While negotiating the time and date schedule with the customer care staff, be flexible about the date of your car's loading and unloading. Being flexible can make you save a considerable amount of money.

    3. Get quotes from multiple boat shipping companies

    Getting quotes from several boat carrying companies is essential. Get several quotes from different companies and compare them. Make a wise comparison. Check their prices, services and experience. Also, check for the reputation that the company has in auto shipping. Choose the best company, like Emu Car Carriers, for all your transportation needs.

    4. Negotiation is the key

    Always be willing to negotiate with the transit company. We have an amicable customer support service. We have a very communicative staff that answers your queries and questions promptly. So, negotiating with our team always pays off. Negotiating with the car transport company is therefore always a good option.

    How Emu Car Carriers stands out confidently

    We stand out in vehicle transportation because of our affordable prices and quality services. Moreover, our loading and unloading team is highly trained and experienced and handles the vehicles while loading and unloading. We have a record of happy customers because we deliver automobiles safely and swiftly.


    Shipping your boat is an excellent way to get it to your desired destination, but it's essential to know about interstate boat transport costs involved before you book. The size and make of your boat, the distance between the locations, the type of transportation you select, and any special requirements you may have will all affect the price.

    Contact Emu Car Carriers for affordable Interstate Boat Transport Costs

    Ensure your boat is in good hands when transporting it from one state to another. Also, make sure that the company you are choosing comes with years of experience and has trained and qualified staff. Choose Emu Car Carriers for your boat transit and know more about interstate boat transport costs.