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Auto Shippers in Australia

24 Oct

Shipping your car across the state lines is made easy when you have Emu Car Carriers working in your town. Emu Car Movers is one of the best interstate auto shippers that move your vehicles in a secure and reliable way. Avail our services to experience smooth fast auto car transport.

Reasons for choosing interstate auto transporters

It is a matter of concern whether you should interstate auto transporters for your vehicle transportation or drive it yourself. It is generally recommended to avail the services of an automobile carrying company because of certain reasons. This blog will provide you with a brief guide about using an automobile shipping company.

  • Car shippers are cost effective
  • Vehicle carriers are generally pocket friendly because they cause less consumption of fuel. A number of cars can be loaded in a single carrier that's why it is economical. Especially when you need to move the vehicle a long distance.

  • Safety counts in vehicle transportation
  • When it comes to carrying automobiles interstate, safety matters. Moving an automobile yourself is not a good option when the destination is far. So instead of travelling long distances yourself, you can use car transportation companies. Emu Car Carriers deliver your vehicles safely.

  • Reliability matters
  • When it comes to automobile shipping across Australian states, finding a trustworthy carrier company is another big issue. One needs to find a reliable car transport service. That is why reliability matters in the field of interstate car shipping. Reliability of the company allows the customers to opt for carrying services.

    How to Choose the right interstate auto transporters

    Choosing the right company that may carry your car from your doorstep and deliver it to desired destination, is important. There are a few certain things which need to be kept in mind while choosing a suitable car shipping company.

    1. Choose a reputable car moving company

    When you hand over your precious vehicles to some transit company, it is important to make sure it has a reputation and good name in the car carrying field. Thus always try to choose the company with a renowned name and a good reputation.

    2. Experience in vehicle moving across Australia

    There are hundreds of auto moving companies working in Australia. But very few of them have reputable experience in the field. Choose the companies that have been working in automobile hauling for many years. Emu Car Carriers for example, has years of experience in moving vehicles across Australia and car transportation.

    What to expect when shipping your car interstate

    There are certain things that you can expect while shipping your vehicle interstate. Having already known about the transportation process makes you less nervous and worried when your vehicle is in its way. Following are some of the things you may expect while having a car transportation.

  • Picking up your automobile
  • Once you book your shipment, the vehicle carrying company will schedule a pickup and delivery time with you. Our pick up driver will come to your door at the assigned time and date. Before this all you need to do is, to prepare your car for vehicle carrying.

  • Delivering your vehicle
  • A good vehicle shipping company delivers your automobiles on-time. You need to ensure your presence at the time of delivery. Our professional and experienced team will unload your valuables safely. Inspect your automobile thoroughly. Be present at the spot so you can sign on delivery papers.

    Tips for shipping your car Interstate

    Shipping a car interstate may be tiring for some of us but it is easy if you choose an efficient company like Emu. Here are some of the tips to make your car carrying experience smooth and easygoing.

  • Prepare your car
  • First of all, prepare your car for the automobile moving process. Clean it inside and out, secure the spare tools and accessories. Remember disconnecting the batteries and draining the fuel. Also, turn off the security and other alarms as they might cause disturbance during transit.

  • Ensure necessary paperwork
  • Paperwork is essential for a tension free transit. Make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork. Including your vehicle’s registration, make and model papers and a few documented photos. It will make both you and the transit company stress free.

  • Beware of the potential delays
  • Perfection lies in nothing. Car transit companies are good at delivering your vehicles on-time. But sometimes due to some technical issues you can face a little delay in your vehicle's delivery. At such times all you need to do is, stay calm and keep yourself in touch with the interstate auto haulers.


    How much does it cost to ship an automobile interstate?

    It depends on the vehicle, the distance you choose and the shipping method you opt for. The more the distance, the more expensive it will be.

    How long does it take to carry a vehicle interstate?

    Depending upon the distance, it may take from a few hours to multiple days. The shipping method, traffic conditions and weather conditions also matter.

    What is the best way to ship a car with Interstate Auto Shippers?

    The best way to ship a car interstate is to choose the right carrying method and the right carrying company. Do your research and choose the best Interstate auto shippers.