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Guardian Angel for Classic Car Transport

14 Nov

Emu Car Carriers: Your Guardian Angel for Classic Car Transport

In the world of classic car transport, where every detail and every mile carries a story, entrusting your beloved vehicle to the right transport company is crucial. We stand as your guardian angel, ensuring your classic car journeys safely and securely, preserving its pristine condition and invaluable looks.

A lifetime of care, from pickup to delivery of classic car transport

From the moment we load your vehicle for classic car transport, our team of experienced professionals takes meticulous measures to handle it with complete care and respect. Every inch of your vehicle is cautiously considered and protected, ensuring it is ready to embark on its journey in the most pristine condition.

Enclosed transport A safe haven for your treasured possession

Our enclosed trailers provide the ultimate haven for your classic car, shielding it from the harsh environmental elements and protecting it from external hazards. Inside our trailers, your car gets wrapped in a climate-controlled environment, maintaining its optimal temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage or deterioration.

Packing and securing with precision

Our expert team carefully packs and secures your classic car within our trailers, ensuring it is firmly anchored in place and protected from shifting or movement. We use specialised padding and securing straps to minimise any potential vibrations or bumps that could be harmful for your worthy automobile.

Tracking your vehicle's journey

Technology plays an essential role in our commitment to transparency and customer peace of mind. We provide our clients with tracking their classic car's journey, allowing them to monitor its progress and ensure it is safely en route to its destination. Our qualified customer care service promptly answers all your questions about your vehicle's location and status.

Your classic car's journey begins and ends with Emu Car Carriers

At our company, we are not merely a car carrying company but the custodians of automotive heritage. We take immense pride in safeguarding your classic car, treating it with care and attention, and ensuring it reaches its destination in the same condition you entrusted to us.

Emu car carriers Your assurance of classic car excellence

When it comes to the delicate transit of your classic car, trust our company. We are your partners in preserving your automotive legacy, ensuring your prized possession arrives at your doorstep safely and securely. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us stand out in the field of interstate car transportation in Australia.

Dealing you with our exceptional customer care service

We deal with our customers in a cooperative and caring way. Our customer support staff is communicative and problem-solving. We promptly answer all your questions and queries about car transportation in Australia. Be it a question related to the location or tracking of your vehicle or a request for a free car moving quote; we are always ready to help you with everything.

Some additional benefits of choosing Emu Car Carriers

One needs to find the best company with the best qualities to transport their vehicles to Australia. Hiring our company provides you with a number of advantages. Some of them are discussed below.

  • We offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling
  • When it comes to rates and prices, we are affordable and pocket-friendly. We provide our customers with very cheap pricing without compromising quality services. We know the value of your time and money. Moreover, our schedules are flexible. Customers can negotiate about the time and date WE want to transport their vehicles.

  • We have a long track record of providing secure and reliable transportation services
  • A track record of our satisfied customers is evidence of our reliability. We are striving to provide our customers with the best possible service experience. We deliver your vehicles with complete safety and security. Pour professional staff ensures that your car reaches your doorstep without any dents or damages.

  • We are the classic car movers with modern technology
  • We come with state-of-the-art technology. Our classic car carrying trailers are equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment that ensures your automobiles' safe loading and unloading. Moreover, we provide our customers with an effective tracking system, updating you about your car's current location and status.


    Emu Car Carriers is the best choice for vintage car carriers service in Australia. We offer enclosed transport, safe and secure loading, your vehicle's tracking, and dealing with you with our exceptional customer care service. We also provide economical rates and flexible scheduling and are equipped with modern technology.

    Contact us today for a free quote on your classic car transport needs.

    We look forward to helping you carry your prized possession safely and securely. You will never regret trusting in our company. Get our excellent services today. Get a free interstate car moving quote and experience seamless and smooth classic car transport.