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Caravan from Melbourne to Brisbane

01 Feb

If you are considering car transport melbourne to Brisbane you have come to the right place. When moving or selling a vehicle, it is important to know the cost of caravan transportation from one location to another. In this guide, we will look at the different factors that influence price with advice from the experts at Emu Car Carriers

Is choosing Emu for Car Transport Melbourne to Brisbane?

There's a reason to choose Emu for your car transport from Brisbane to Melbourne. We are not just another trucking company; We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, security, and competitive prices. Our pursuit of excellence has made us the preferred choice of Australians.

What impacts the cost of interstate car transport?

Several elements come into play when determining the price of interstate vehicle transport in Australia:

  • The distance between cities/states
  • Depending on the distance and location chosen, prices may vary. Transporting a car between Melbourne and Brisbane typically covers more than 1,500 kilometres. Trucking from Brisbane to Melbourne can cost more than trucking from Brisbane to Canberra.

  • Size of the vehicle you need to transport
  • The type and size of the vehicle are important. A small or standard car will fit in a simple, small trunk, while a large vehicle with a non-standard shape may require a special, large trunk. A sedan generally costs less than a large SUV or truck.

  • The transportation method chosen
  • The cost also depends on the type of service chosen. Choosing a closed carrier may increase costs. An enclosed van requires special care and attention when loading and unloading the vehicle. In addition, an open carrier can accommodate many vehicles in its service, while a closed carrier can only transport a limited number of cars.

  • Distance between the transit locations
  • Prices for door-to-door and door-to-warehouse services may vary. Door-to-door services may be more expensive than terminal-to-terminal services. Because it is easier for a shipping company to drop off your vehicle at the terminal than to deliver it to your home.

  • Time of the year also matters sometimes
  • Prices can skyrocket during peak times. The reason is the higher demand in the high season. On busy days, the capacity of the transport sector is limited, meaning there is limited space available to transport your valuable vehicles.

    Perks of hiring professional car transport services

    Although it is possible to drive the car yourself, using a professional service brings undeniable benefits. There are many benefits to using the services of a transportation company, from safety and professionalism to convenience and cost-effectiveness.

  • Vehicle shipping Brisbane to Melbourne is safe
  • Never compromise on the safety of your car. Vehicle transport companies treat your vehicles with the necessary care and attention. In addition, moving companies have many years of experience. So, when you use the services of a good vehicle shipping company, your car will be in the hands of professionals with specialised equipment.

  • We provide you with peace of mind
  • Reliable car transport companies like ours offer you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your car is in the hands of experienced professionals. You can relax and focus on something else while your car is safely transported to your destination.

  • Convenient transportation
  • Car shipping companies bring convenience right to your doorstep. Driving long distances can be very tiring and full of hassle. Moreover, travelling long distances such as interstate in Australia may cause several disturbances. You can avoid all the inconvenience by hiring a good transit company. So, car shipping companies save you the hassle and time of a long trip.

  • Cost-effective services
  • Professional transport is also cheap. A large carrier can load multiple cars at the same time, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Often wear and tear, fuel costs, and possible accommodation during the trip exceed the cost of company transport.

  • Reliable Car haulage
  • Professional car carrying companies like ours provide reliable car haulage. We are highly trained and have a proven track record of providing safe and trustworthy transportation services. Handing your automobile to us may be an excellent choice for your automobile.

    How Emu Car Carriers stand out

    Emu Car Carriers differs from other car transport companies with its focus on customer service, excellence, and on-time delivery. We offer no hidden costs and a trained and experienced team that takes careful care of your vehicle and always delivers on time.


    Choosing a professional company for car transport Brisbane to Melbourne is the best way to ensure safe, comfortable, and economical vehicle transport. Emu Car Carriers stands out from other companies with its commitment to customer service, excellence, and on-time delivery. Help us ensure that your wheels run smoothly.

    Contact us for reliable Car Transport Brisbane to Melbourne

    Move your precious automobiles securely and safely across all Australian states and cities. We deliver your vehicles to your desired locations with complete care and attention. Get a free quote for your worthy vehicle now. Emu Car Carriers is undoubtedly the best choice for Caravan Transport Brisbane to Melbourne.