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01 Nov

If you are looking for reliable and affordable interstate car transportation companies, Emu Car Carriers is the perfect choice. They offer a caboodle of services to meet your requirements. Also, they strive to provide their customers with the best possible car carrying experience in Australia.

Interstate car transportation companies are worth the hype

Interstate car transportation companies help you out regarding cars moving across Australia. These companies save you from effort and hassle. Choose the best car shipping company, like Emu Car Carries, that takes care of your worthy vehicles. Let's know a bit more about interstate car transport in Australia.

What is Interstate Car Transport?

Interstate car transport is shipping your vehicle across state lines in Australia. This is a convenient and affordable way to move your vehicles in a hassle free way, especially if you are moving to some other state or have a long-distance move. It is better to use auto movers instead of driving your car for hours.

How much does it cost to carry a car interstate

Estimating the cost of transportation across Australian states is technical. It varies depending on various factors. These factors may include the type of your vehicle, the method of transportation, and the distance between the locations you choose for transit. Let's explore these factors one by one.

Distance between the transit locations

The longer the distance your car travels, the higher the cost will be. This is because car carriers have to pay for fuel, tolls, and other expenses. So, car transport from Tasmania to Queensland will cost more than car transport from Victoria to New South Wales.

Type of vehicle you need to transport

Larger vehicles, such as SUVs, Vans or trucks, typically cost more to carry than smaller vehicles, such as Sedans. This is because they take up more space on the car carrier's trailer. Also, the larger automobiles take more care and attention to get loaded and unloaded. Therefore, car hauling companies need trained and experienced staff.

The kind of transit method you choose matters

In addition to these factors, several other things can affect the charges of interstate auto car haulage, such as the type of carrier you choose. Emu Car Carriers offer all kinds of services for customer convenience. Be it an enclosed or open carrier, they are experts at delivering your automobiles smoothly.

Understanding the transportation process

  • Pickup of your vehicle for interstate car shipping
  • The driver from Emu Car Carriers will pick up your vehicle from your doorstep or any other assigned location. Be sure to prepare your car for transit. Make it clean, check the tire pressure, make its documentation ready and turn off all the alarms. When your car is ready, the driver will inspect it and load it carefully.

  • Loading for vehicle carrying
  • They will load your car carefully onto the vehicle carrying trailer. At Emu, they use modern and sophisticated technology to load your vehicles to save them from damage. Moreover, they have a very trained and professional team to make the delivery of your automobile smooth and damage-free.

  • The journey of car transport in Australia
  • After the safe loading of your automobile, start the journey of its transportation. The customer care team at Emu stays in touch with you. They keep letting you know about the status of your four-wheel from time to time. The carrier typically travels at night to avoid traffic congestion.

  • Arrival of your automobile at the destination
  • At the arrival of your automobile, they will call you and let you know about the delivery. At the assigned time, they deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. Also, they recommend you be present during pickup and delivery. It saves you and the car shipping company from struggle and hassle.


    Interstate car moving companies are a convenient and affordable way to move your vehicle across state lines in Australia. Emu Car Carriers is a leading interstate car transport company in Australia that offers various services to meet your needs. We are committed to providing their customers with the best possible experience

    Choose Emu Car Carriers One of the best interstate Car transportation companies in Australia

    Emu Car Carriers is the best option to carry your car interstate. There are many car transportation companies in Australia, but Emu Car Carriers stands out because of its incredible services and promising team. Get your wheels moving with them because, in Australia, they lead the interstate car transportation companies.