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Car Transport with Emu Car Carriers

20 Nov

Because of its vast terrain, car transportation services have a high demand in Australia. People moving to some other city or state or going to spend vacations need to carry their cars with them. Interstate vehicle transportation companies in this regard have played a crucial role. In this blog, we will walk you through the procedures of transporting your car and the perks and privileges we provide to our customers.

The introduction to car transport

Car transport means transporting or shifting cars from one location to the other. People may need car carrying for different reasons. Car transit through a reliable company is convenient, easy, time-saving, and cost-effective. You only need to go to our website and book your shipment with one click. Let's have a look at the procedure of vehicle transit in Australia.

Emu Car Carriers and smooth transit getting a vehicle transport quote

To get a vehicle transport quote from our company, visit our website or call us at 1300 524 520. We will need to know the following information

  • Make, model, and year of your car
  • An estimation of the weight and dimensions of your car
  • The pickup and drop off locations
  • Type of transport service you need (open or enclosed)
  • Any special requirements you may have
  • How to Book a Car Transport with Emu

    Once we have all the required information, We provides you with a free and accurate car transport price. When you receive the quote from our company and are ready to book your car transit, you can do so online or over the phone. Our staff will communicate with you to negotiate the pickup and drop off dates. They will also ask about any special requirements you have regarding transit.

    What to expect after booking your car for vehicle moving

    Vehicle transportation is easy and smooth if you choose Our reliable and trustworthy company. At Emu, we take special care of our customers' needs and requirements. From loading your worthy vehicle to conveying it to the assigned destination, we handle it with care and attention. Here is a short guide on what to do and what to expect after booking your shipment.

    Loading of your prized possession

    Our skilled driver will knock at your door on the assigned date and time. Make sure your car is ready for a smooth transit. Our trailers come with sophisticated equipment to load and unload your vehicles smoothly. We have skilled and trained drivers who know about the special requirements of your car. We request you to be present at the time of transit. Your presence will save our driver from inconvenience and hassle.

    What to do when the car is on its way

    When your car is on its way, you only need to relax and wait for the vehicle delivery dates. Asking about your vehicle's current location and status is your right. Our customer care centre will never disappoint you. Our company's customer support staff promptly answers all your questions and queries.

    The day you receive your beloved vehicle

    Finally, on the day of vehicle delivery, our driver will bring your precious car to you. We request you again to be present there on the day of your motor cars delivery. Our driver will unload your vehicle carefully. We ensure that your car reaches your doorstep in pristine condition. After your car's delivery, inspect it thoroughly and sign the delivery papers.

    Leave a positive review

    Let us know if you have any complaints. And if you like our services, leave a positive review on our website. Just like providing quality services is our responsibility, leaving a nice review on our page is your moral responsibility. Customers often select a company after checking their customer reviews. So, every single honest review you write matters to us.

    Why choose Emu for your car-carrying needs?

    We understand that transporting your car is a big decision. That's why we offer various services that fit your requirements and budget. We also ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Here are some perks and advantages that make Emu an excellent choice for Australian people. So you can ensure your car is in the best possible hands.

  • We are fully licensed and reliable
  • We have years of experience in the car-carrying industry in Australia
  • We provide our customers with a variety of services that fit their requirements
  • Emu hits every road and every location in Australia
  • Our trailers come with sophisticated and modern equipment
  • Emu customer care service is very communicative and friendly
  • We provide our customers with quality services at affordable prices
  • We are a well-known and reputed car hauling company in Australia
  • Our well-reputed company has a track record of satisfied customers
  • Contact Emu car carriers today for a free car transport quote

    If you are looking for a safe and reliable car-carrying company, contact us today. We offer various services including open and enclosed car moving, door-to-door car haulage, car towing and watercraft transport. Contact us today and get a free interstate car transport quote.